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RTRC Councillors Meeting January 2014

22-24 JANUARY 2014 DRAFT

Geurt Gijssen (chairman), Stewart Reuben (secretary)

Franca Dapiran, Shaun Press, Ashot Vardapetian (councillors)

Roberto Ricca (attending from the Systems of Pairings and Programs Commission)

  1. The Chairman welcomed everybody, especially our visitor, Roberto.

  2. It was agreed the name of the commission be changed to ‘Rules Commission’. This is more appropriate and shorter.

  3. The future functions of the commission would be considered.

  4. In the Laws, it seems better to refer to the ‘Basic Laws’ and ‘Competition Laws’. It would be better to use the term competition instead of tournament or event. Matches should be included and there are events which are not competitions at all, for example meetings.

  5. The Chairman requested that whether Article A.4c of the Laws of Chess was needed should be re-examined for the next set of Laws from 1 July 2017.

  6. It was decided that the next meeting of the commission should take place in early June in Athens.

  7. The Tournament (Competition) Rules were then considered in depth.

  8. Ashot explained another way of dealing with the tiebreaks for a player who had won a game by default. Let us suppose at the time he had 1/4. Then the final scores of all the other players on 1/4 are determined and their average used for that game for the player. Presumably the average would be rounded to the nearest half point. It was not decided whether to include this in the list.

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