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Competition Rules

The attached document provides the Competition Rules approved by the FIDE Presidential Board in Chengdu, China.


Requirements for events in which disabled players participate
The attached document contains a list of requirements for events in which disabled players compete. Thanks to GM Thomas Luther, Chairman of the FIDE Chess for Disabled Commission for developing this document.

RTRC Meeting Agenda - Tromso August 2014
Agenda for the RTRC Commission Meeting in Tromso

1. Chairman's remarks
2. Consideration of the draft Competition Rules to come into effect 1 July 2015. This draft will be able to be viewed on the RTRC website from about 15 June.
3. Matters arising from the Laws of Chess that came into effect 1 July 2014.
4. Recommended change in the name of the commission to 'Rules Commission'
5. Mission Statement
6 Ambiguity of the word 'move'.
7. Input concerning the 'Arbiters Manual'
8. Discussion of the AAC report. Its potential effect on the Laws and when any changes can be introduced without causing communication problems.
9. Any other business

Stewart Reuben
RTRC Councillors Meeting June 2014 Minutes
Attached are the minutes from the RTRC Councillors Meeting held in Athens, Greece in June 2014

 RTRC Councillors Meeting Minutes - June 2014
RTRC Councillors Meeting - June 2014 Agenda
Athens Meeting 4-6 June 2014

Invitees Geurt Gijssen (chairman), Stewart Reuben (Secretary), Franca Dapiran, Shaun Press, Ashot Vardapatian (Councillors), Thomas Luther (Chess for the Disabled), Roberto Ricca (Swiss Pairings) 


1. Chairman's remarks
2. Continued review of the draft Competition Rules. In particular tiebreaks and incorrectly reported results.
       Readers should take careful note of the proposed changes regarding the role of match captains. There is considerable change here.
3. Matters arising from the Laws of Chess that will come into effect 1 July 2014.
4. Input concerning the 'Arbiters Manual'.
5.  Discussion of the ACC report.
6. Review of the Guidelines for the treatment of Disabled players.
    Consideration of the chess needs of those people who are disabled, but who do not come under the three organisations we already have.   
7. Review of the Guidelines for the treatment of Inexperienced players.
8. Any other business

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