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RC Meeting in Duabi

Chairman Mahdi Abdulrahim of the UAE, Honorary Chairman Ashot Vardapetyan of Armenia, Secretary Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh and Councillors Stephane Escarfe of France and Mike Hoffpauir of the USA and guest Casto Abundo of the Philippines, Asian Chess Federation Executive Director, attended the meeting.

The Commission received pending matters from the previous administration in particular clarification from FIDE that the Rules Commission is responsible for FIDE Competition Rules in the FIDE Handbook.
The Commission reviewed proposals for changes to the Laws of Chess which will be forwarded to General Assembly. They gave comments on incidents on request of national federations. The Commission also discussed the conduct of workshops for Arbiters in cooperation with the Arbiters Commission.
The Commission thanked the Chairman for hosting the meeting concurrent with the Dubai Open.


Second day meeting in Dubai Chess Club

Minutes of the Rules Commission meeting in Dubai

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