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Rules Commission Councillors' Meeting

Rules Commission Councillors' Meeting

20-24 April 2018 – Walbrzych, Poland

Invitees: Ashot Vardapetyan, Chairman (ARM), Tomasz Delega, Secretary (POL), Franca Dapiran (ITA), Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh (IRI), Stewart Reuben (ENG)

Guest: Martin Huba (SVK) – Chairman of the FIDE Marketing Commission ECU Board Member


1. Chairman's remarks and welcome

The Chairman Ashot Vardapetyan welcomed all present and pointed out, that the presence of Chairman of the FIDE Marketing Commission and ECU Board Member Martin Huba will be an additional value to the meeting. He thanked Polish Chess Federation for organising RCC Meeting in Poland, Walbrzych and reminded, that main topic of the meeting are amendments to the General Regulations for Competitions.

2. Laws of Chess from 1 January 2018 - question received

The RC has received a few remark to the Laws of Chess 2018 and some of them will be included in the first draft of FIDE Laws of Chess 2021. The questions regarding using (or not) of move counter will be discussed during the next FIDE Congress in Batumi together with TEC and ARB. The RC is in favour of using the move counter always, when it is technically possible. The question received were answered up to date.

3. Amendments to General Regulations for Competitions (old name: Competition Rules)

The Chairman reminded, that amendments of the Competition Rules is scheduled for the 2018 FIDE Congress in Batumi, Georgia. RC agreed that name of this document shall be changed to avoid misunderstanding with a part of the Laws of Chess, which is also called Competition Rules (see the content of the FIDE Laws of Chess). But the problem is that one of the FIDE EVE document published in FIDE Handbook D.04.01 have this same name (General Regulation for FIDE Competitions). This must be discussed with EVE.

The draft of the General Regulations for Competitions was published on the RC website and letters were send to TGR and ACP. Unfortunately, TRG and ACP didn’t answered. We would like to say thank you for others person who has sent their proposals, especially to Alex Holowczak (ENG) who pointed out, that the goal and structure of the General Regulations for Competitions must be discussed and precisely described. The Councillors agreed that the FIDE Handbook should be revised in the near future, and responsibility for concrete regulations should be given to the concrete FIDE commissions.

The Secretary presented the draft of the General Regulation for Competition and RC members discussed step by step each proposal. For details see the FIDE_General_Regulations_for_Competitions_-_draft_4.pdf. In some point further consultations are needed with other FIDE commission (EVE, RC, CCJ) to avoid repetitions of the rules and regulations.


4. Refreshment courses about the Laws of Chess and General Regulations for Competitions

This matter is in progress. More information will be published after FIDE Congress in Batumi.

5. Others

Stewart Reuben reminded, that he send to the councillors proposals of wording correction to the FIDE Laws of Chess 2018. It was agreed, that this proposals will be included in the first draft of FIDE Laws of Chess 2021.

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