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RC Meeting in Antalya

88th FIDE Congress
Rules Commission
Goynuk, Antalya, Turkey
9 October 2017, 15.00 – 19.00

Chairperson: A. Vardapetyan (ARM)

Secretary: T. Delega (POL)

Present: Gunther van den Berg (RSA), L. Freyd (FRA), R. Ricca (ITA), K. Turdialiev (UZB), S. Bayat (IRI), S. Paridar (IRI), K. Deventer (GER), N. Faulks (BER), J. Lehtivaara (FIN), I. Vereshchagin (RUS), W. Dalpat (RSA), A. Tkachev (RUS), G. Unal (TUR), S. Javaheri (IRI), R. Waithe (BAR), A. Burstein (ISR), I. Dobronauteanu (ROU), N. Ottavi (ITA), G. Pagnoncelli (ITA), H. Pees (DGT), M. Kaloumenos (GRE), G. Oen (USA), J. Pocksteiner (AUT), G. Wastell (AUS), A. Holowczak (ENG), T. Karatekin (TUR), A. Vasse (NED), W. Stubenvoll (AUT), P. Nikolopoulos (GRE), J. Junqueira (ANG), O. Milvang (NOR), M. Abdulrahim (UAE), R. Anantharam (IND), F. Dapiran (ITA), A. McFarlane (SCO), M. Pahlevanzadeh (IRI), S. Escafre (FRA), S. Reuben (ENG), C. Jarecki (IVB)

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1. Chairman's remarks and welcome

The Chairman Ashot Vardapetyan welcomed all present and proposed to start from the point Amendments to the Laws of Chess 2017 of the agenda.

2. Amendments to the Laws of Chess 2017

The Chairman explained that 2017 Laws of Chess was agreed at the Rules Commission Meeting during the 2016 FIDE Congress in Baku, but then was changed by the 2017 FIDE Presidential Board in Athens. After publication, the RC as well as the ARB received a lot of questions regarding interpretation of particular articles. RC has decided to propose a small amendments to the 2017 FIDE Laws of Chess, for approval of the 2017 FIDE Executive Board. The draft of the RC proposal was published in the Congress Book as well as on the RC website (see appendix 2 in the Congress Book). After publication RC has received again many question and remarks. That is why during the 2017 RC Councillors’ Meeting, held in Antalya just before FIDE Congress, the Chairman proposed to use the same regulation regarding an illegal move for standard, rapid and blitz games. The new proposal for the RC Meeting was prepared.

After discussion and wording corrections the proposal was accepted during RC Meeting (see appendix 3) and will be presented for 2017 FIDE Executive Board approval.

3. Guidelines for the organisers

The Secretary Tomasz Delega presented Guidelines for Organisers. After discussion and wording corrections, the proposal was accepted (see appendix 3).

4. Interpretation of the Laws of Chess made with Arbiters’ Commissions

An online Conference was organised on 14 of June 2017 by the FIDE Arbiters' Commission, in cooperation with the FIDE Rules Commission. In this Conference a number of very experienced International Arbiters, mainly members of the FIDE Arbiters' and Rules Commissions, were invited and participated. During the Conference interpretations about the new Laws of Chess, valid from 1 July 2017, were discussed and agreed (see appendix 4).

It was agreed with the ARB Chairman Takis Nikolopoulos that the Arbiters’ Manual shall in future be discussed by ARB and RC before publication.

5. Amendments of the Competition Rules (General Regulations for Competitions)

The Chairman explained, that amendments of the Competition Rules is scheduled for the 2018 FIDE Congress in Batumi, Georgia. RC agreed that name of this document shall be changed to avoid misunderstanding with a part of the Laws of Chess, which is also called Competition Rules (see the content of the Laws of Chess).

The Secretary presented the first draft of the General Regulation for Competition and RC members discussed step by step each proposal. The second draft will be presented for further discussion (see appendix 5).

6. Question received

No new question have been received after the RC Councillors’ Meeting.

7. Other matters

There was a discussion about change of the gender by chess player and about International Olympic Committee regulations regarding this matter. The QC Chairman Werner Stubenvoll announced that he had started working on this subject and he hopes he will present some proposal next year.

Stewart Reuben reminded the meeting, that during the RC Councillors’ Meeting it was agreed that Guidelines for Appeal Committee Members shall be prepared by the RC for further discussion.

We would like to thank all present for their great contribution and help during the meeting.



Ashot Vardapetyan, Chairman RC
Tomasz Delega, Secretary RC

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