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Rules Commission Meeting in Baku

Rules Commission Meeting Minutes
Baku, September 6, 2016

Present: Ashot Vardapetyan (ARM), Tomasz Delega (POL), Franca Dapiran (ITA), Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh (IRI), Stewart Reuben (ENG), Robert Wheeler (JAM), Walter Brown (USA), Poul Jacobsen (DEN), Guran Unal (TUR), Cenqiz Keles (TUR), Oliver Jeitz (LUX), Almog Burstein (ISR), Stephane Escafare (FRA), Werner Stubenvoll (AUT), Dawid Welsh (ENG), Alex Mc Farlane (SCO), Carol Jarecki (IVB), Roberto Ricca (ITA), Mauricio Castro Solano (CRC), Sahar Noori (IRI), Shohrer Bayat (IRI), Takis Nikolopoulos (GRE), Aris Marghetis (CAN), Sam Sloan (USA), Igor Vereshchagin (RUS), Arthur Schuering (NED), Mario Held (ITA), Jesus Mena (ESP), Kevin Bonham (AUS), Nick Faulks (BER), Jouni Lehtivaara (FIN), Aleksander Tkachev (RUS), Hasan Salih Acar (TUR), Gary Wastell (AUS), I. Amar Nath (IND), Jose Junqueira (ANG), Michael Flynn

Rules Commission 1 Baku

1. Chairman's remarks and welcome
The Chairman Ashot Vardapetyan welcomed all present.
The Chairman called for a one minute silence in respect of Sevan Muradian. He reminded the meeting that Secretary of the FIDE Rules Commission passed away on 18 February, 2016.
The last meeting of RC Councillors was organised in Warsaw 19-22 July 2016. 140 proposals for amendments to the Laws of Chess have been received and additionally about 60 proposals for amendments had been received before the meeting in Yerevan, 2015. There was also a request not to change the Laws of Chess or, at least, to change only important things.

2. Organizational matters
The Chairman presented the new Secretary of the FIDE Rules Commission Tomasz Delega. Tomasz Delega has been a member of FIDE RC from 2014. He is an experienced International Arbiter, and also Secretary of the European Chess Union Arbiters’ Council.
He remind those present about the procedure of working during the meeting.

3. Final review of proposals for amendments to the Laws of Chess
Rules Commission members discussed step by step each proposal from the draft; finally voting separately for each one. All details are included in a separate appendix - Laws_of_Chess_2017.pdf. We would like to say thank you for all present for their great contribution and help during the meeting.

Rules Commission Baku

4. Lectures about the Laws of Chess for FIDE lecturers
This issue will be discussed later in cooperation with ARB.

5. Refreshment courses about the Laws of Chess
This will be organised. The subject is related to proposals of Sevan Muradian discussed during an earlier ARB meeting. This issue will be discussed later in cooperation with ARB.

6. Guidelines for organisers
The commission decided this will be prepared, specifying what must be in the Tournament Regulations for specific events.

7. Use and translations of the Laws of Chess from the federations
Links to translations will be published on the RC website. But the English version of FIDE Laws of Chess is the official one.
No translation of the FIDE Laws of Chess have been received in the last period.

8. Questions received
No new question have been received after the last meeting of the RC Councillors in Warsaw.

9. Others
Live Rating System
The Chairman presented a proposal for a Live Rating System. The idea of the Live Rating System seems to be interesting, and the system have a lot of powerful features.
However, is not directly related to the FIDE Rules Commission, a more detailed presentation is needed for better understanding. Technical aspects of the Live Ratting System should first be approved by the FIDE QC and the SPP.

Ashot Vardapetyan, Chairman RC
Tomasz Delega, Secretary RC

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